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Connect IT is a triple-national company founded in Denmark that expanded to Germany and Spain over the years in order to attend more demand of business in Europe and worldwide.

Our passion is green technology, we provide solutions for any-size corporations that are looking for computers and accessories, buying old stock of equipments from companies in Europe and put them back to the market worldwide, ensuring that our products meet the needs of our clients.

That way we guarantee that old equipment has a longer life instead of ending up in the skips around the world injuring the nature, when they can still be used for another good years.

We believe that the world needs us, and we give a lot for this planet; when we buy old stocks of computers, hardwares and accessories from corporations we guarantee that tons of toxic products won’t simply end up in the dumps in poor countries in Africa and Asia being a thread for the local quality of life and ruining the environment.

For us, the biggest technology is to preserve the planet yet give our clients the solutions they need.